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Montana Made

Montana Made: Swanky Roots

BILLINGS – Things are looking green in the Swanky Roots greenhouse on Story Road. The business has a deep-rooted family connection and offers up leafy

Montana Made: Shelter Designs

MISSOULA – In an era of skyrocketing home prices and a lack of housing some people are getting creative when it comes to buying and

Montana Made: Grand Vision Gaming

BILLINGS – Trying to turn the jungle into a Vegas casino floor. That’s what might best describe what Grand Vision Gaming in Billings is doing with their business.

Montana Made: Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

BOZEMAN, Mont. – For some, fly fishing is a sport – for others, a passion. And for still others, it goes even beyond that. Tom

Montana Made: Native American Beadwork by Sarah

BILLINGS – Sarah Widener sits at the kitchen table in her Billings home creating the items her grandma, mother, and cousins taught her over the years. From beaded earrings

Montana Made: Gulli Totem Poles & Carvings

VICTOR, Mont. – Totem poles tell a story, whether it’s the story of an indigenous people or, in more modern times, someone’s imagination. Either way,

Montana Made: Montana Canvas

Montana Canvas focuses on the two “T”s — tents and tarps — and has done that since 1982.

Montana Made: Rusty Lathe Wood Design

Story by Keeley Van Middendorp “We toyed with a lot of different names; for lack of better, we thought, ‘There’s nothing worse than a rusty

Montana Made: Sting Saddlery

Story by John Riley, MTN News Located on the west end of Helena is Sting Saddlery, a business specializing in handcrafted leatherwork and repairs. Owner

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